I’m Lois Prettyman. I’m an artist/writer/songwriter and self-proclaimed “professional gypsy.” Welcome to my web site. All my life I have enjoyed art in all its forms and decided that this is the perfect way in which to share my endeavors with you.

As to the nature of my visual art, I consider myself a mixed media artist with a concentration in silk painting. I work with all kinds of materials, but in the last few years I have embraced the art of painting on silk.

My fascination with silk probably began when I was a child. My Korean mother was a skilled needleworker and had an extensive collection of silk comforters, hanboks (traditional style Korean dresses made of silk), beautiful floral wall hangings, and black lacquer furniture inlaid with abalone and mother of pearl. My mom passed away when I was young, but she bequeathed me her creativity, her Asian flair for bling, and her penchant for bold color.


My signature flower is the lotus, because in Asian culture, this particular flower embodies the female spirit in that it epitomizes beauty in the face of adversity.


I joke with people that I have a bit of artistic ADD, because I have many creative loves and a flood of ideas along different venues. I like the title “professional gypsy,” inspired by my album and song of the same name, because it pretty well sums me up. Of course, I don’t make any money off my creative efforts, but I relish sharing my art and ideas. This blog is the perfect way to do so. I also have a YouTube channel with biweekly tutorials of my art and featured interviews of other artists and events in the Saint Charles area. I hope you gain some inspiration from perusing this site and learn to “color outside the lines” from time to time.

Thanks for visiting my page and exploring my art and ideas.


My most recent art quilt (original silk painting) entitled, “The Garden of Emotion,”


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