Adult Fiction


Seance at the Lemp (2011)

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Unable to recover from the tragic loss of his socialite wife, a prominent Saint Louis psychiatrist decides to set up a social network for dead people.

Paperback on Amazon: $14.95               Kindle Version: $.99


1-900-OLD-LADYs: The Lost Art of Making Lefse (2012)

Genre: Comedy

Two elderly sisters in North Dakota start a sex chat line to make ends meet.

Paperback: $18.98

Kindle Edition: $2.99


“Flash Robbery” (2012)

Genre: Science Fiction Short Story

A retired law professor and his fellow mob of senior citizens, unhappy with the futuristic national health care system, stage a mock armed robbery to get themselves incarcerated in order to take advantage of the superior prison healthcare system.

Featured on the Cuivre River Anthology of the Saturday Writers Group

Kindle ebook: $4.99



Children’s Verse


Huggily Buggily and the Magical Fart of Wind (2013)

Poetic verse. A common rainforest leaf beetle, unhappy with his ordinary life, makes a wish on a magical fart of wind which takes him to an Italian restaurant and an English rose garden.

Paperback on Amazon: $14.00

A free YouTube video of the book is available here: See Huggily Video


Wacky Rhymes (2013)

A collection of satiric children’s poems, including “Zack the Pack Rat,” “Fernando the Traveling Flamingo,” and “Google-itis.”

Paperback on Amazon: $12.00


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